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Biz Capital Consultants


President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Swindell started Biz Capital Consultants in 2016. He began his career in leasing in 1993 and has served in the technical and financial side of multiple business where he ultimately become General Manager.  Knowing the difficulty for small businesses to acquire the materials they need and financial difficulty in many cases to purchase much needed equipment, he decided to leave his position to assist other entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. In 2016 Mr. Swindell set into motion Biz Capital Consultants as a way for business seekers, existing business owners, vendors and investors of all types to connect. This vision allowed for multiple resources and avenues to archive different types of third party funding or leasing. Mr. Swindell holds a BA in Business Management from Seton Hill University. Owning a few businesses of his own, he is very familiar with the entire process involved in starting a business and continued operation.

 Biz Capital Consultants

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