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What is Equipment Leasing?

To better manage cash flow and operating expenses, the choice for many businesses is clear: equipment leases. Many businesses look for ways to address their equipment financing challenges. Large capital expenses can require you to pay for equipment before you generate revenue from it.

The Equipment Leasing and Financing Association (ELFA) research shows that eight out of ten U.S. companies lease some or all of their equipment. And, nine out of ten say that they will use equipment leases again.  Of all the ways to acquire equipment, leasing is the method most frequently used for all equipment types. In fact, almost any type of equipment can be leased – from computers and printing equipment to trucks and bulldozers.

It is important to point out that equipment leases are not loans. As a result, their costs are figured differently from loans. To compare loan and lease products, it is better to compare monthly payments than to try to compare loan interest rates with lease rates. On a cost-of-capital basis, equipment leasing may be the least expensive option.

Who Leases Equipment?

Your Competitors! Approximately eight out of ten U.S. businesses use lease financing to acquire the equipment they need. In today's fast-paced business climate, getting the equipment you need when you need it is vital to your success. Leasing with Biz Capital Consultants will provide you with the extra edge you need to stay competitive. If you're looking for a fast, easy way to get the equipment you need now, be sure to contact Biz Capital Consultants.

Why Lease?

  • Keep bank credit lines free for those important times
  • Avoid major up-front cash expenditures for equipment
  • Lease the equipment and pay for it as it is used
  • Improve budgeting with fixed monthly payments
  • Possible tax advantages - consult with your tax advisor

Why Lease With Biz Capital Consultants?

  • Biz Capital Consultants is competitive in finding you the best deal
  • We lease most types of business equipment, both new and used
  • Whether you're just starting your business or well along the way to success, we can provide leasing
  • Fast, efficient and friendly service
  • Structured terms to fit most needs

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